Psychic, Life & Relationship Coach, Meditation Teacher, and Medium

Welcome, my name is Christine Campbell. I am honored to bring messages from your spirit guides and beyond the veil. I choose to express my gifts through the psychic realm, bringing insight and angel messages of love and light, with the intention of inspiring you to connect to your own guides. I’ve been considered a psychic, healer, medium, meditation teacher, and life/relationship coach.

I am a 4th generational intuit. I began the practice of meditation at the age of 15. I sought out teachers who taught me how to reach deeper levels of meditation, which opens a doorway to connecting to the other-side. I learned the art of stillness, alpha, beta, theta, delta brain waves, meditation on the 72 Names of God, and how to achieve silence of the mind. I studied under the guidance of psychic medium Alan Arcieri, and many other intuits along the way. Through years of training and self-empowering work, I’ve learned techniques used to create rhythmic breathing, stilling the ego mind (which will balance and focus you mentally), and mantras. This practice will increase your spiritual awareness, provide insights into your life, and promote a more balanced way of perceiving and responding to the world.

I teach children and advanced adult meditation, psychic/mediumship development, self-healing, chakra clearing, psychic chord-cutting, clearing earth-bound spirits and theta energy healing. Meditation is the gateway into the “NOW”, and connecting to your spirit guides and angels.

I also believe that meaningful relationships are the access to fulfillment and begin with understanding one’s self. How can you have a quality relationship if you haven’t developed that within yourself first? Studying under internationally recognized leaders in relationship training, I have been a relationship success coach for several years.  I have a deep lifetime commitment to supporting singles in their search for a fulfilling, lifelong partnership and couples in strengthening the bond they already have or want to have again. At a very young age, I became very clear about the desire to love and support others on their journey of finding their highest love. The purpose of my life is to honor my heart, recognizing the world of beauty and the magnificence in it all, compassionately guiding others to their greatness.

I work with clients one on one on the phone and in person. Specializing in 360 degree listening, or global listening, I listen not only to what a client says, I also listen to the spaces between the words, the unsaid. It’s a place of openness and curiosity, with no judgement. This is where many opportunities for transformations occur.

Let’s discover how you can truly master your own destiny through this work!